Mentors offer guidance one needs during hard times. Apart from sharing their skills and knowledge, they also provide support. Sometimes people face challenging moments and decide not to share. It affects their psychological well being. Having someone to share with and get help is important. Mentors come in handy in such situations. Here is why mentorship is important during difficult times

Mentors offer guidance on solving problems during hard times. They don’t give you the answers but rather a guide to finding them. They work together with the mentee to achieve the expected results. Mentors allow an individual to state what they would like to get from their mentoring. This helps in coming up with an action plan. 

Mentors help an individual reflect on the things they were supposed to do to solve an issue. They discuss with the mentee how they would have approached the issue. It helps to develop a different viewpoint of things—an individual gains social skills through mentorship. The communication between a mentor and a mentee involves intense listening skills. A mentee ought to slow down in speaking and listen to the mentor. This develops one’s skills in handling communication not only with the mentor but with others even during an argument. 

In an organization, mentors help one to be on par with the activities around. They help an individual develop skills and knowledge of handling things during hard times. Working with other employees can be challenging at times. Misunderstandings occur, and so are other workplace issues. Handling conflicts can be difficult for many individuals. One can be able to juggle through all challenges at work with proper mentorship. When stuck, one can seek insight from the mentor who will guide them on the appropriate way to handle things. 

People think differently and view things differently. Being alone does not help solve all the difficult problems one has. A mentor listens to individuals and provides the necessary support. They help people identify their inspirations and aspirations. They also help in identifying areas of improvement either at work, school, or home. It is rewarding to do things right and solve problems the right way. Everyone faces limitations and drawbacks. People have to learn from each other, and sharing with a mentor is the best way to get help in difficult times.