Finding a workplace mentor is a fantastic way to be better introduced to a company and the industry in which it operates. Companies known for using mentorship as a tool create work environments that are open and encouraging. Mentoring programs assist workers with job satisfaction, goal setting, and overall performance. Follow this advice and remember key tips to succeed.

Approach Potential Mentors
Asking a senior leader for assistance and mentorship can be daunting. Start by identifying those potential mentors and considering if the person has ever shown a personal interest, has the person offered shared knowledge in supportive ways, and does the person possess the correct experience and knowledge to be a helpful mentor. 

Fine-tune the request by determining if it is for coaching, leadership training, guidance on the career path, or advice on opportunities for promotion. Then prepare for the request. Schedule an in-person meeting, prepare a request that is focused like a laser, and resolve to put in the work should the mentor agree.

Keys to Mentorship Success
Be curious. Do not stop at merely listening to a mentor’s advice, but continue to ask the reasons behind things. Create conversations or debates to achieve personal revelations and breakthroughs. Curiosity can lead to enormous professional growth. Go all in. Identify allies present and be sure someone supportive is present for those circumstances that lead to deeper waters. 

Be confident. Every perspective has value. Be bold and participate, sharing viewpoints that might, in turn, help another person. Reach out by sending a note, booking time for a cup of coffee, or offering an opinion. Build the bridge. This relates to connecting people across a network. Introduce colleagues or friends to other people who could either benefit from the experience or be of help to the other person.

Many opportunities for mentorship occur during school years and across careers. The relationship is rewarding at each end. Being a mentor, one continues to grow and make new breakthroughs while guiding people with less experience through the ropes. Receiving mentorship is like opening a plant to proper sunlight, allowing for greater growth at the onset. Use the tips and keys, find a mentor, and remember to keep the mentorship train rolling.