Mentors play a crucial role in our success in the modern-day. Prominent persons and business people have succeeded in the hands of some of the most outstanding mentors. The ability to find and work with a mentor is a critical ingredient that facilitates your ability to succeed. Here are some of the prominent mentors that have played a huge role in the success of major business persons and personalities across the globe.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO, is recorded to have played a huge role in the success of Facebook Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg. Jobs helped mentor Zuckerberg in the early stages of his college and business start-up stages. Zuckerberg attributes much of his corporate success to the mentorship and friendship he obtained from Steve Jobs.

Maya Angelou
The famous poet, Maya Angelou, has previously mentored Oprah Winfrey. The celebrated poet played a huge role in helping Oprah Winfrey to establish herself during her early and middle years in life. It turns out that Winfrey’s success is owed to the mentorship lessons that she obtained from Angelou.

Dr. Benjamin Mays
The former president of Morehouse College played a huge role in facilitating the establishment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During King’s undergraduate education at the Morehouse College, Dr. Benjamin instilled values of human dignity in him. These lessons, provided during the 1950s, played a huge role in the confidence and audacity of Dr. King in becoming a civil rights activist.

Larry Summers
Larry Summers, a former College professor, played a huge role in mentoring and sponsoring Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg. The two previously worked together at World Bank and the Treasury Department, during which Larry helped Sandberg with tremendous mentorship lessons that were a game-changer in her career. She has since developed to become one of the prominent business persons in the world today.

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Jeff Bishop is a Professional Trader, Entrepreneur, and Founder of popular trading programs Raging Bull Trading and Weekly Money Multiplier. Jeff has gained over 20 years of experience working as both a trader and as a leader and mentor for other aspiring traders. Jeff Bishop’s most famous mentorship came when he took well-known trader Jason Bond under his key, showing him the ins and outs of stock trading. The duo would go on to co-found Raging Bull Trading in 2010, where they both remain today as trading educators. 

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